Origin: South Africa

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Chokliteers Tea Origin: South Africa

Chokliteers Tea

If you're looking for that healthy, great tasting after dinner treat, then look no further. Chokliteers Tea, as enjoyed by 'Celestine, the Hare and Friends', otherwise known as Mint Chocolate Rooibos herbal tea is packed full of goodness and tas...
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Honeybush Origin: South Africa


Honeybush: Pleasantly sweet and aromatic. .....
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MonTeas ROOIBOS: Almond & Candy Blend Herbal Origin: South Africa

MonTeas ROOIBOS: Almond & Candy Blend

Rooibos: Almond & Candy Blend - Marzipan and fruit flavours captured in Rooibos make this a wonderful and almost wonderland taste experience - enough to warm the hearts in any season. .....
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ROOIBOS: Earl Grey Origin: South Africa

ROOIBOS: Earl Grey

The original Earl Grey Tea consisted of only Chinese teas, flavoured with finest bergamot oil. This classical flavour is now combined with fine, mild and sweetish Redbush tea. .....
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ROOIBOS: Fruit & Blossom Origin: South Africa

ROOIBOS: Fruit & Blossom

Luxury Rooibos combined with a medley of fruit and herbs creates a tea that's full of floral character and wonderfully mellow. The light perfume of fresh Lavender mingles with the sweet Rooibos and fruits to provide lingering moments of pleasure with...
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ROOIBOS: Italiano

ROOIBOS: Italiano

Imagine the soft creamy notes of Kenyan coffee followed by delicious fruit, yogurt and finally, smooth Amaretto. Well, that's what has been created with this wonderful Italiano Rooibos Tea. A real delight. .....
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ROOIBOS: Lemon & Pineapple Origin: South Africa

ROOIBOS: Lemon & Pineapple

The basic taste is like a fresh lemon sorbet cream with a tender and very pleasant sweetness. Ingredients such as tangerine pieces and lemon granules contribute character and provide an unusually bright cup. .....
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ROOIBOS: Mint Chocolate Origin: South Africa

ROOIBOS: Mint Chocolate

If you're looking for that healthy, great tasting after dinner treat, then look no further. Mint Chocolate Rooibos herbal tea is packed full of goodness and taste - without a hint of guilt! Cocoa pieces and organic peppermint are combined with premiu...
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ROOIBOS: Raspberry & Rhubarb Origin: South Africa

ROOIBOS: Raspberry & Rhubarb

Fruity, sweet and juicy raspberry is complemented by the slightly tangy, nippy rhubarb. But with smooth vanilla flavours and the mild Rooibos base, these all become perfection. .....
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ROOIBOS: Recline & Repose

ROOIBOS: Recline & Repose

The name says it all: Recline and Repose - relax! The combination of zero caffeine Rooibos, fennel, aniseed, camomile and safflowers make an ideal relaxation beverage. (from ORGANIC source) .....
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ROOIBOS: Red Chai Origin: South Africa


Mellow Rooibos combined with hot and spicy ingredients for an exotic taste trip to paradise. .....
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ROOIBOS: Redbush

ROOIBOS: Redbush

Rooibos is also know as Redbush. Fine needle like green leaves from the Aspalathus Linearis plant are harvested and fermented; a process that sees the leaves change from green to deep red. .....
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Origin:, South, Africa, Rest, the, World