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The Potting Shed Breakfast Blend - FBOP, BP1, CTC, O (India, Africa)

The Potting Shed Breakfast Blend - FBOP, BP1, CTC, O (India, Africa)
The Potting Shed Breakfast Blend - FBOP, BP1, CTC, O (India, Africa)

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Not just for gardeners - a classy, full-bodied blend of Indian Assam and Kenyan leaf tea carefully joined with calming Safflower petals. Wonderfully refreshing, astringent yet a mellow robust nature. Great with milk. Superb!

Now, as we all know, the Brits love their chats about the weather, their gardens and how the changing weather will affect their gardening, but mainly their tea! So, when it came time to selecting a new tea blend, MonTeas decided to focus on one overall aspect of these and The Potting Shed Blend arrived.

Teas from around the former British Empire, everything from a high grown Ceylon for flavoury floral notes, a South Indian for roundness of body and two different Assams for malty depth and profound colour. To this a blended Keemun from China, (traditionally the base for all English Breakfast teas), is added. The cup is exceptionally smooth hinting at citrus, berry jams and toast with a long lingering finish. It's the perfect tea to have with toast and marmalade, in bed, while perusing the Sunday paper or sitting in a Potting Shed on a rainy day going the daily crossword.


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