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About MonTeas

About MonTeas

Welcome to MonTeas, an independent retailer of over 80 fine loose leaf teas; over 20 herbal infusions; an extensive range of teapots and accessories, all located, since opening on 7th May 2012, in one of the finest towns in Wales - Monmouth.

The order of the day is quality achieved by stocking finest single estate White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu Erh teas from producers around the world namely: Africa, China, India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other emerging growers.


To complement our finest loose leaf tea, MonTeas stocks an exciting range of tea paraphernalia. Whether it be beautiful cast iron, glass or ceramic teapots; exquisite fine china tea bowls; dazzling tea caddies or fascinating, functional infusers, MonTeas is The destination to discover in Monmouth.


Eco Friendly Packaging - All Internet Orders and in-shop purchases utilise Zero Plastc packaging! 

MonTeas utilises plain kraft paper, food safe bags that do not contain heat-seal plastic lining and mail-order packaging is cardboard, paper and sticky-paper to seal.


We look forward to your visit or hearing from you via this webshop.


David J. Tovey


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