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Decaffeinated Black

Decaffeinated Black

Quality decaffeinated black loose leaf teas from MonTeas. We carefully select each of our teas based on taste and quality. Our decaffeinated teas are no exception; if they don't deliver on flavour we simply don't stock them. To us, caffeine free teas should be every bit a delicious as their caffeinated counterparts.

Model: DT-BFKEN-01
A carefully decaffeination finest quality leaf, typrical English Breakfast Blend...
From £2.45
Decaffeinated Breakfast: Irish Blend
Model: DT-BFKIR-01
Decaffeinated Breakfast: Irish Blend - A carefully decaffeination finest quality leaf, very dark and robust mix of Indian and African CTC type...
From £2.45
Model: DT-ERLGB-01
Decaffeinated by flushing with natural Co2, and using only natural flavours and oils. An excellent, first class quality Earl Grey experience...
From £2.65
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