Decaffeinated Loose Leaf Tea

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Decaffeinated Breakfast: English Blend Origin: India Africa

Decaffeinated Breakfast: English Blend

A carefully decaffeination finest quality leaf, typrical English Breakfast Blend. .....
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Decaffeinated Earl Grey Blue OP Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Decaffeinated Earl Grey Blue OP

Decaffeinated by flushing with natural Co2, and using only natural flavours and oils. An excellent, first class quality Earl Grey experience. .....
From £2.65
Decaffeinated Sencha Origin: China

Decaffeinated Sencha

A very refreshing green tea with a Sencha leaf style. Decaffeinated using the Co2 process which removes all chemical solvents, leaving great tasting green tea without the caffeine. .....
From £2.30
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