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Model: BT-DAMAR-01
A distinctive 'muscatel' flavour, with hints of blackcurrants create an almost wine like taste. Often compared to the taste and fragrance of Muscat grape, Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush Darjeeling makes a wonderful afternoon tea - great with scones and raspberry preserve! During the 1930's the garden wa..
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Model: BT-DATUK-01
Tukdah Darjeeling 1st Flush TGFOP is very bright and full of flavour that bursts with characteristic muscatel notes and a hint of nuttiness...
From £2.25
Model: BT-AMBOO-01
DARJEELING: AMBOOTIA SFTGFOP1 1st Flush FROM ORGANIC SOURCEAmbootia has now been producing organically cultivated teas for more than 20 years and the name literally means “place of the mango trees”. Multifaceted spring harvest, nicely flowery with a truly well-balanced, full body.  ..
From £4.95
Model: BT-AVONG-01
DARJEELING: AVONGROVE 2021 [FTGFOP1 1st Flush] ~ (India from ORGANIC source)2021 First Flush: a very special darjeeling - starts with a hint of green but by mid-sip we get a full thick mango flavour, It ends well with a woody aftertaste. The aftertaste is very similar to a ripe mango. The woody ..
From £5.50
DARJEELING: MONTEVIOT DJ1/2022 [FTGFOP1 1st Flush] ~ (India from ORGANIC source)
Model: BT-MONTE-01
DARJEELING: MONTEVIOT DJ1/2022 [FTGFOP1 1st Flush] ~ (India from ORGANIC source)The Monteviot Garden (southern Kurseong valley) is at an altitude of 1700 mtrs.  Intense dark green leaves with silvery tips provide a fresh, soft, floral touch and a light sweetness...
From £7.50
DARJEELING: Namring (Upper) TGFOP 2nd Flush
Model: BT-DANAM-02
In 1855 the first Chinese tea bushes were planted in the Namring area and from the Upper district we are offered a tea that fascinates by its wonderful leaves and a marvellous, typical 2nd flush aroma. An light red colour  combined with a fullsome, relaxed taste - typically 2nd flush. The scent and ..
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Model: BT-PHUGU-01
An amazing Darjeeling and must try.  Large, regular leaves with plentiful silver tips make a beautiful first flush appearance. The character is very flowery and spicy but with a sweetness in the body and highly aromatic scent...
From £3.95
DARJEELING: SINGTOM 2021 [FTGFOP1 1st Flush] ~ (India from ORGANIC source)
Model: BT-SINGT-01
DARJEELING: SINGTOM 2021 [FTGFOP1 1st Flush] ~ (India from ORGANIC source)2021 First Flush: soft notes, flowery, a hint of sweetness - a finest darjeeling...
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Model: BT-DASOO-01
A superb example of a 1st Flush Darjeeling brimming with the characteristic muscatel flavour and grown in full view of the Himalayan Mountains. As a typical first Darjeeling , Soom TGFOP1 makes a wonderful gentle, afternoon tea. (from ORGANIC source)..
From £2.95
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