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Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green Tea
CHUNMEE Imperial
Model: GT-CHUMM-01
Smooth, refreshing, cleansing - characteristics of this superior, fine leaf tea. Sweet and mild yet typically grassy and Taipan in style. Ingredients: Premium GREEN Leaf Tea...
From £1.95
Model: GT-MAOFE-01
The dark green, twisted Sinensis leaf will surprise you in the cup with a fine scent and a colour, which reminds of fully ripe, bright lemons. Delicate and soft in flavour, yet very aromatic. Ingredients: Premium GREEN Leaf Tea. Ingredients: Premium GREEN Leaf Tea...
From £2.00
Green Sencha - China
Model: GT-SENCH-01
Long, flat leaves, of very typical grass green produce a quality tea with a bright yellow colour brew. Fresh and grassy flavour but with a fine sweetness makes this a very pleasurable Sencha. Ingredients: Premium GREEN Leaf Tea...
From £1.95
Model: GT-WMONK-01
Early in the morning within the first two weeks of the new season's tea growth, around late March time, the top two leaves and bud are carefully plucked from the bushes. The tea leaves still have the 'hairy down' on them and when gently steamed and dried they become a truly superb green tea, also kn..
From £3.50
Model: GT-STOHG-01
The Original Temple of Heaven gunpowder tea. It is the highest grade of this type of tea and has won many awards. Tiny pearls, hand-rolled, leaf by leaf, made from some of the finest Chinese green tea. Excellent choice to drink with meals as it complements most meats and vegetables. Gunpowder, the ..
From £2.65
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