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Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Green Tea
Model: GT-BANCH-01
The Japanese traditionally drink this tea with their meals, and it is considered a classical everyday tea. The large-leaved tea is taken from the lower shoots of the tea plant and are rich in minerals. The taste is soft, discreet, slightly grassy and makes this tea perfectly suitable for novice gree..
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Model: GT-FUJIS-01
This is a very high quality large leaf Japanese Sencha having a brilliant, crystalline green colour and a superb flavour that surpasses other similar green teas. This Sencha has a notably milder taste and with a light sweetness is a good starter for new-to-green tea drinkers.Source: JAPAN..
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Model: GX-GENMA-01
A Japanese tea blended with fire-roasted rice that is also known as Popcorn Tea.  A light liquor, golden yellow in hue and giving a roasted, sweet taste...
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Hojicha (Roasted)
Model: GT-HOJRO-01
Hojicha (Roasted): A 3rd flush Bancha is made in China to specific Japanese methods: freshly plucked leaves, steamed, dried and slowly roasted. Sweet tasting yet full bodied with hints of cinnamon...
From £2.15
Kukicha (Green)
Model: GT-KUKIC-02
Kukicha - Blended with a Sencha - the delicate, light green “stems” are mixed with the dark green Sencha leaves. Subtly astringent, lovely spicy note with the cup colour of lemon yellow light green infusion...
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Model: GT-MATCH-01
This fine, green powder is Culinary Grade for use in cooking or Latte Drinks. Higher quality e.g. Ceremonial Grade is used for drinking, as in the Japanese tea ceremony...
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Model: GX-WAKSE-01
Wakame seaweed (brown seaweed) is joined with Mate, Lemon Grass and lemon flavouring for a ‘wellness’’ seaside holiday!..
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