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ASSAM: Borengajuli FBOP 2nd Flush Origin: India

ASSAM: Borengajuli FBOP 2nd Flush

Borengajuli Estate produces the most fabulous teas. This 2nd Flush Assam is no exception and comes as fresh as the day it was plucked! Vacuumed packed on the estate the moment the leaves come out of the sorter, the deep malted Assam flavour is captur...
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ASSAM: Bukhial TGFOP Origin: India


Grown on the south side of the Brahmaputra River near the remote region of Nagaland, Bukhial TGFOP Assam is a premium tea with a traditional leaf style. As rainfall is lower in this area, the bushes grow more slowly yielding outstanding crops that ha...
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ASSAM: Mokalbari East FTGFOP1 Black Loose Leaf Tea

ASSAM: Mokalbari East FTGFOP1

A classical Assam with a wiry, colourful leaf and a strong, spicy flavour giving a  rich malty character. A real delicacy, either drunk pure or with Kluntje (rock sugar) and cream, like in Eastern Frisia. Should definitely form part of any ‘fine...
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ASSAM: Tarajulie FBOP 2nd Flush

ASSAM: Tarajulie FBOP 2nd Flush

Taranjulie tea estate covers some 699 hectares and has a work force of over 1000 people who live on the estate together with their families. Everyone on the estate has access to excellent healthcare, housing and education. Taranjulie FBOP 2nd Flush i...
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Black Gunpowder Black Loose Leaf Tea

Black Gunpowder

Pleasantly aromatic, mild and full-bodied taste with a very slight smoky note and a bit of a punch! A medium-dark infusion that is flowery aromatic and well rounded. .....
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Black Moroccan Mint Origin: India Sri Lanka

Black Moroccan Mint

Moroccan, black and peppermint minty … that’s it, enjoy! .....
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DARJEELING: Margaret's Hope TGFOP 2nd Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea

DARJEELING: Margaret's Hope TGFOP 2nd Flush

A distinctive 'muscatel' flavour, with hints of blackcurrants create an almost wine like taste. Often compared to the taste and fragrance of Muscat grape, Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush Darjeeling makes a wonderful afternoon tea - great with scones and ra...
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DARJEELING: Phuguri FTGFOP1 1st Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea

DARJEELING: Phuguri FTGFOP1 1st Flush

An amazing Darjeeling and must try.  Large, regular leaves with plentiful silver tips make a beautiful first flush appearance. The character is very flowery and spicy but with a sweetness in the body and highly aromatic scent. .....
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DARJEELING: Soom TGFOP 1st Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea


A superb example of a 1st Flush Darjeeling brimming with the characteristic muscatel flavour and grown in full view of the Himalayan Mountains. As a typical first Darjeeling , Soom TGFOP1 makes a wonderful gentle, afternoon tea. (from ORGANIC so...
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DARJEELING: Tukdah TGFOP 1st Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea

DARJEELING: Tukdah TGFOP 1st Flush

Tukdah Darjeeling 1st Flush TGFOP is very bright and full of flavour that bursts with characteristic muscatel notes and a hint of nuttiness. .....
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Earl Grey: Blue OP Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Earl Grey: Blue OP

Using only natural flavours and oils there's no aftertaste or overpowering perfume leaving the high quality, natural taste of the Indian tea. An excellent, first class quality Earl Grey experience. .....
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Earl Grey: Cream OP

Earl Grey: Cream OP

If you're an Earl Grey fan, then you must try this magnificent cream version. Full of flavour with a smooth creamy taste and vanilla overtones this Cream Earl Grey Tea is great any time of day...especially with a fancy cake or two! .....
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Earl Grey: Duchess Royal OP

Earl Grey: Duchess Royal OP

Dried lemon peel, lime and orange pieces add a citrus twist to the traditional Earl Grey Tea making it a fantastic alternative to savour and enjoy. High quality tea is used to ensure a wonderful piquant flavour. When combined with a quality bergamot ...
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Earl Grey: Lavandula OP

Earl Grey: Lavandula OP

Fine and gentle notes of Lavender add to the range of enjoyable Earl Grey Tea Blends. Not to be missed for a combination of excellent Sri Lanka tea, premium French Lavendar and the lovely bergamot for a floral taste dance that is lively and pleasing ...
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Earl Grey: Premier OP Origin: India

Earl Grey: Premier OP

The use of Indian Ceylon leaf produces a soft but distinctive experience well loved for the bergamot addition that makes this a very superior tea with a hint of Clove! .....
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