Green Loose Leaf Tea

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Monkey Verde Origin: China

Monkey Verde

Early in the morning within the first two weeks of the new season's tea growth, around late March time, the top two leaves and bud are carefully plucked from the bushes. The tea leaves still have the 'hairy down' on them and when gently steamed and d...
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Nagri Farm Darjeeling STGFOP1 Green Leaf Green Loose Leaf Tea

Nagri Farm Darjeeling STGFOP1 Green Leaf

Hand plucked, the Darjeeling tea leaves are allowed to wither slowly to reduce their water content. After this process, further steam is applied when even more water is removed. Machine rolled, the leaves are left to dry and produce a delicate flavou...
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Peach Royale Origin: China

Peach Royale

The surprising blend of Sencha and Oolong teas support the taste of exotic fruit essences and creamy vanilla flavour. An extraordinarily intense scent and taste. A beautiful and truly royal blend. .....
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Special Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Origin: China

Special Temple of Heaven Gunpowder

The Original Temple of Heaven gunpowder tea. It is the highest grade of this type of tea and has won many awards. Tiny pearls, hand-rolled, leaf by leaf, made from some of the finest Chinese green tea. Excellent choice to drink with meals as it compl...
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Wakame Seaweed Sencha Green Loose Leaf Blended & Flavoured

Wakame Seaweed Sencha

Wakame seaweed (brown seaweed) is joined with Mate, Lemon Grass and lemon flavouring for a ‘wellness’’ seaside holiday! .....
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WOOJEON Korea GREEN Loose Leaf Tea


"Woojeon" means "before the rain” - the harvest takes place from mid to the end of April, before the spring rains. A glowing, green cup vibrates with a grassy scent and slightly nutty taste. .....
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YAMATO Sencha Green Loose Leaf Tea


A strictly classical green tea, autumn selection of highest quality, with a very powerful taste - typical Japanese tanginess but aromatic. A green tea connoisseur’s treat. Rich and strong. .....
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