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Black Loose Leaf Tea

Black Loose Leaf Tea

MonTeas stock an extensive range of quality Black Loose Leaf Teas. From the well known teas such as Assam or Darjeeling to some truly premium teas from all around the world. All of our teas are carefully selected and we pride ourselves on our reputaion for quality and service. We may not stock the largest range of teas but you can rest assured that all of our teas were selected foremost on their taste. We stock organic black teas and a selection of Fair Trade teas.

Hong Cha Thailand Black
Model: BT-HONGC-01
A rare leaf tea from the northern Province of Chiang Rai. Hong Cha has a well formed shape leaf - long, twisted and ebony-coloured. The infusion is slightly fruity but with a sweet aroma.  Aromatic with hints of honey...
From £4.75
Keemun Golden Buddha
Model: BT-KEEMU-02
Keemun Golden is one of the finest black teas of China. Flavoursome depth can be managed with milk or enjoyed for its richness without. A truly excellent Chinese black leaf tea...
From £1.95
Model: BT-MILIM-01
Kenya Milima is processed at the only factory in East Africa which produces the orthodox style leaf of black tea. As the top grade this Milima contains plenty of golden tips. The Milima mark is manufactured at Saosa Factory, which was built in 1929. This is the only factory in East Africa producing..
From £1.95
Model: BT-KOSAB-01
Kenyan Dawn: one of the finest teas from Kenya. A high grown leaf with gentle and astringent characteristics but notes of malt, currant and moist earth. Interestingly, the story of this estate TGFOP, perhaps one of the finest teas produced in Kenya, actually begins in Assam, far up in the Himalayan..
From £1.95
Model: BT-NEPAL-02
First Class leaves with a high proportion of silver tips are this spring production from altitudes up to 1700 mtrs. Flowery, fresh with a  complex taste hinting muscatel and a little boldness surprise...
From £3.10
Model: BT-MALOO-01
A flowery, highly aromatic leaf. The small plantation of Maloom, located on the roof of the world, produces outstanding teas which need not fear the comparison to the most significant Darjeelings. Silver-coloured tipped leaves develop a bronze-colored infusion with a flowery and round scent...
From £2.50
Model: BT-NILGI-01
Certified ORGANIC since 2003 and "FAIR TRADE" since 2008, the Thiashola garden stands at an altitude of 2000 metres, at the heart of the Nilgiri [Blue Mountains) of Southern India. Robust, but elegant. Delicious as it is but can be taken with a dash of milk. (from ORGANIC source)..
From £3.00
Model: BT-OPHIG-01
A truly delightful, medium bodied, flavoursome tea from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka (Nuwara, Eliya) and grown: 6500 - 9000 ft above sea level.This tea originates from a western tea estate, one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka. During its peak season (Feb/Mar) this estate's productio..
From £1.95
Model: BT-RATNA-01
Quality, rarity, speciality: an aromatic, spicy, individual tea not to be missed. #monteaswales..
From £2.55
Model: BT-RUKER-01
Organically cultivated Pekoe tea having a  full-bodied strength but with a slight citrus aftertaste. A copper-coloured infusion having a long lasting, robust character...
From £3.25
Model: BT-SIKK1-01
The Temi Tea Estate is the most famous growing region of Sikkim. Founded in 1969 and is located in the south of the country. An absolute top quality from this popular plantation. The fine-shaped, slightly matt greenish leaf with a fresh and flowery taste are significant characteristics. A shining go..
From £3.30
Special Golden Yunnan Imperial
Model: BT-YUNIM-01
Typically Yunnan: excellent quality, refined, bodied, unmissable afternoon delight. A copper-coloured, strong, spicy, malty flavour yet typically soft, full of earthy Yunnan character...
From £1.95
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