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Gunpowder Mint

Gunpowder Mint

In using a Pekoe Gunpowder from the Uva district of Sri Lanka this tea has a lovely smokey taste that infuses so well with the intense flavour of mint. The tea is refreshing and satisfying and tastes just as good as an iced tea too. .....
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Gushan Silver Needles Origin: China

Gushan Silver Needles

Gushan Silver Needles, one of China’s best white teas, is highly sought after, consisting of the finest tea buds. Wiry and silvery, coated in a white down with a light flavour and a  hint of peach. .....
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HONG CA JAVA BLACK Black Loose Leaf Tea


Produced on a private tea plantation in the Sukabumi province of western Java, this tea is a very special rarity. A fresh, fruity and bright copper infusion, slightly  fruity and spicy, earthy yet with a vanilla undertone. .....
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HONG CHA THAILAND Black Loose Leaf Tea


A rare leaf tea from the northern Province of Chiang Rai. Hong Cha has a well formed shape leaf - long, twisted and ebony-coloured. The infusion is slightly fruity but with a sweet aroma.  Aromatic with hints of honey. .....
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Indian Nights Chai Origin: India

Indian Nights Chai

A soft Chai but not lacking punch. Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon pieces, aniseeds, ginger, black pepper, cloves, chicory roots, cardamom seeds, whole cardamom. .....
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JADE  OOLONG Loose Leaf Tea


Originating from Nantou county, Taiwan, this premier flush produces a light, delicate and slightly refreshingly, sweet yet cleansing infusion. .....
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Jasmine Blossom Origin: China

Jasmine Blossom

Classed by the Chinese as Jasmine Number 1, this green tea has immense flavour, aroma and all-round great qualities . The secret is high quality green tea and fine jasmine blossoms which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma. .....
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Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Origin: China

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

First class quality. The still not quite dry leaves are mixed up to six times with fresh, delicately smelling jasmine blossoms, then sieved and rolled by hand to small pearls. The leaf encloses the fine jasmine aroma and only sets it free during brew...
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Kaika Cherry Sencha Origin: China

Kaika Cherry Sencha

Made only from Sencha harvested during the early spring when the quality of leaf is at its best. Kaika Cherry Sencha is a delightful combination of high quality Sencha green tea, rose petals and natural cherry flavour. A smooth tea with refreshing su...
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Keeman Mao Feng Imperial Sacred Garden Black Loose Leaf Tea

Keeman Mao Feng Imperial Sacred Garden

Keemun Mao Feng is one of the highest grades of Keemun produced. Mao Feng means hair point and is the description of the leaf appearance.   Keemun is famous Chinese tea and was originally used as a main ingredient in Edinburgh Breakfast tea in t...
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Kekecha Origin: China


Yellow tea is lightly fermented with enticing characteristics drawn from both the green and oolong varieties. A serene, gently earthy fragrance, leads to a refreshing silky taste with a natural hint of spices. It has a gorgeous yellow colour and the ...
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Kenya Milima GBFOP

Kenya Milima GBFOP

Kenya Milima is processed at the only factory in East Africa which produces the orthodox style leaf of black tea. As the top grade this Milima contains plenty of golden tips. .....
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Kenyan Dawn TGFOP Black Loose Leaf Tea

Kenyan Dawn TGFOP

Kenyan Dawn: one of the finest teas from Kenya. A high grown leaf with gentle and astringent characteristics but notes of malt, currant and moist earth. .....
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Lapsang Souchong Fire-Dragon #1 Origin: China

Lapsang Souchong Fire-Dragon #1

A wonderful smooth and crisp tasting tea that produces an amazing aroma of smokey pine fires. An acquired taste  depending on palate; an excellent Lapsang Souchong Number 1 Grade from Fujian. .....
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Lemon & Ginger Black Leaf

Lemon & Ginger Black Leaf

Lemon Ginger Ceylon Tea has to be one of the most delightful experiences your taste buds can enjoy. The lemon tanginess and the warm ginger flavours combine but are carefully balanced so you still taste the quality Ceylon tea. Perfect, any time of da...
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