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Lychee & Jasmine Chunmee Origin: China

Lychee & Jasmine Chunmee

A delightful blend of Lichee fruit, Jasmine and high quality green tea make this a delightful drink. Pan fired Chunmee style leaves come to life with the addition of tangy notes from the Lychee and exotic tones of Jasmine. A very popular tea and one ...
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Mango 'Mambo Style' Origin: India

Mango 'Mambo Style'

Mango exudes a delicious spicy flavour when used unripe in this combination with a mild China-Ceylon tea.  Enriched with sweet, dried mango cubes and bright yellow sunflower blossoms for an exotic experience! .....
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Matcha Culinary Grade

Matcha Culinary Grade

This fine, green powder is Culinary Grade for use in cooking or Latte Drinks. Higher quality e.g. Ceremonial Grade is used for drinking, as in the Japanese tea ceremony. .....
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Monkey Verde Origin: China

Monkey Verde

Early in the morning within the first two weeks of the new season's tea growth, around late March time, the top two leaves and bud are carefully plucked from the bushes. The tea leaves still have the 'hairy down' on them and when gently steamed and d...
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MonTeas Breakfast Tea: Irish Gold Blend BOP Origin: India

MonTeas Breakfast Tea: Irish Gold Blend BOP

MonTeas Irish Gold breakfast tea at its best. .....
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MonTeas Breakfast Tea: No.1 Blend Type-S Origin: India, Sri Lanka

MonTeas Breakfast Tea: No.1 Blend Type-S

MonTeas Morning Blend #1: a premium black tea consisting of specially selected Assam, Nilgiri and high grown Sri Lanka leaves produce a delicious sturdy taste improved only by serving with a slice of lemon. .....
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MonTeas Breakfast Tea: Original English Blend FP Origin: India

MonTeas Breakfast Tea: Original English Blend FP

MonTeas British breakfast tea (original blend), at its best.   .....
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Nagri Farm Darjeeling STGFOP1 Green Leaf Green Loose Leaf Tea

Nagri Farm Darjeeling STGFOP1 Green Leaf

Hand plucked, the Darjeeling tea leaves are allowed to wither slowly to reduce their water content. After this process, further steam is applied when even more water is removed. Machine rolled, the leaves are left to dry and produce a delicate flavou...
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Nepal Maloom Finest FTGFOP1 Black Loose Leaf Tea

Nepal Maloom Finest FTGFOP1

A flowery, highly aromatic leaf. The small plantation of Maloom, located on the roof of the world, produces outstanding teas which need not fear the comparison to the most significant Darjeelings. Silver-coloured tipped leaves develop a bronze-colore...
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Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1 Black Loose Leaf Tea

Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1

Certified ORGANIC since 2003 and "FAIR TRADE" since 2008, the Thiashola garden stands at an altitude of 2000 metres, at the heart of the Nilgiri [Blue Mountains) of Southern India. Robust, but elegant. Delicious as it is but can be taken with a dash ...
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Oolong Chong Pou Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Oolong Chong Pou

Chong Pou is more mellow than Oolong but stronger than Green tea. The leaves are a deep green curl producing a light golden-green liquor, mild aroma with a delicate flavour. .....
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Orange & Jasmine Blossom Oolong Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Orange & Jasmine Blossom Oolong

Orange & Jasmine Blossom Oolong is a wonderful combination of a high grown Oolong from the Tungting region in Taiwan. An exquisite Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka with Jasmine petals and naturally dried orange peel. Together they create a truly magical...
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Orange Nero Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Orange Nero

A mild China-Ceylon black tea blend reminiscent of the colourful Caribbean due to the light yellow orange peel and orange- red blazing safflower. The blend has a natural flavour of sweet, refreshing and tangy fruit from Italy while the typical red co...
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ORANGE PEKOE: Blackwood OP Black Loose Leaf Tea


A best quality black tea with a bright copper coloured infusion, high grown from the Bogawantalwa Valley in Uva district. (from ORGANIC source) .....
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