Like the many variations of wine, beer, cider, the ever growing list of different Gins, so too Tea has many options: Black; Oolong; Green; White; Yellow and Pu Erh.

Basically, Camellia Sinensis provides multitudinous cultivars and drying method combinations to  produce a vast selection of tea variations, hopefully, suiting nearly all palettes or, at least a world of exploration.

It never ceases to amaze me just what new flavour combinations will appear next.  The U.K. is not necessarily that adventurous as other countries might appear for different options to tantalise the basic form of tea.  I find that European wholesalers are constantly delivering for the Euro market but, more significantly, for the American market, a vast array of ingredients mingled amongst tea leaves.  Equally, the new tea-blend appears to be not a tea at all but of herbal infusion category meant to be super healthy and with all the energy of New World goodness to solve any fading taste bud or kick-start a health addict. Personally, I do like a nice cuppa - unadulterated beyond milk and sugar, in moderation of course.  Oh and maybe partnered with a biscuit or slice of cake ……. Ok, maybe the singular here is not accurate but read the plural instead.

Having said that, I was told, many decades ago, that whilst a Winter morning coffee could be aided with the addition of a tot of Whiskey, Brandy or Rum, if Tea were the choice of the cold and sharp day, then only Whiskey should be applied.  I would insist here that moderation is the key …… well, it’s the responsible point to make!

Imagine my surprise then to acquire a sample of Matcha Tea bended with all manor of non-tea special ingredients.  Tea and culinary arts are firmly intertwined and have been for many yeas / decades if not longer.  But for the goodness of matcha and the sake of research, I have interloped into the experience that is Tia Maria Matcha - I will let you now how it fairs but Matcha is ‘high’ in antioxidants ( ! ).