Having established the real Tea definition last blog, time to break the news that not all Tea is served in a bag neither is all Tea equal.  I have to deal with the bag ‘issue’ and say that it is perfectly acceptable to brew tea that resides inside a small bag - there are better ways to brewing Tea and there are better Teas to use.  It’s a matter of choice to suit the situation.  Being of Loose Leaf preference myself, there are occasions when a tea-bag is presented to myself and I enjoy it - that fact that it may have a shot of blended whiskey in it is irrelevant ... OK!

Moving on ... like wine, tea is grown throughout the world and in very differing circumstances that will influence its final state, just like wine.  For example, it’s not just the cultivar of Camellia Sinensis that will vary but the soil, the altitude, the climate, the location in relation to the sunshine it receives, even the continent on which it grows can be an attribute to the final flavour of drink.

When I first opened, with a modicum number of different Teas, to guide people requesting help I asked if they were a wine drinker and, if so, more red or white.  Why? Well, generally, many people are familiar with wine and the distinctive differences between White and Red.  This led myself to guide those looking for a black leaf tea with a white wine palate to the types of Darjeeling, Sri-Lanka and China Leaf Teas.  Whilst a red drinkers palate, I considered, would appreciate a stronger and more robust brew from the Assam Leaf or production from Kenya.  In the 9 years MonTeas has been purveying quality teas, this first assessment and guidance has repeatedly brought Customers back time and time again.  Of course there is an up and down side to this approach.  The down side is that some people don’t drink wine, hmmmm, but then whiskey drinkers can be appealed to with the Malty aspect in Assam.  The upside is that I have been regarded as the enquirers Doctor and met with a “well only a small glass now and then” - yeah right!

But then Tea isn’t just about black leaf tea - and that’s for the next Blog.

P.S. The picture relates to my replacement of a HUGE bear, named Monty, that has moved to live with my Great Nieces in Cornwall.  The picture is a very recent gift whom I have named Montgomery and he is now the new Mascot of MonTeas - I hope you like.