TEA: Taste; Enjoy; Ahhhhhhhhh

Of course it had to happen but why me, why now and well - why? ... Because we’re in that time, that age, that "new normal" when "social media" and that online black hole needs it - hmmmm, but I don’t want to, don’t like it, don’t have to, won’t, can’t, shan’t.

So, welcome to my MonTeas Blog ????, as recommended (arm twisted to do so!), by my web designer, who will remain nameless but, let’s call him ... "Paul" - great movie by the way.

won't tell you how many mugs of tea I’ve had writing this first blog post, yes that’s right, mugs - bone china ones too, they’re The only type for tea in my view but each to their own. And I’ll tell you why bone china mugs are my favourite in these forthcoming blogs, as well as clues to Your best cuppa; surprise you with tea tastes that you didn’t think you’d get; tips for what to try, how to expand your range of tea tastes and so much more. I might even let on what biscuits I most enjoy with what teas - a clue: part of my one-a-day maybe!

Let’s be honest, we Brits have been drinking tea since it was fashionably introduced to England by the Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza when she married King Charles II in 1662. But hang on, you say, Emperor Cheng Nong in 2737 BC allegedly started the Tea ball rolling and by 200 AD tea had become the national drink of China, so why do we think we’re the centre of the tea drinking world - a good question ????, but as you’ll see in Blogs to come, all that glistens isn’t necessarily so or even a good bag for tea - yuk!

There’s just so much to tell so I‘ll take it slow, metaphorically hold your hand and together we’ll journey around the world, see unusual tea ‘sights’ and have a fun ride gasping in amazement at beautiful tea paraphernalia, see the awesome locations of tea gardens in far flung lands and maybe meet some of the people involved in the exciting World of Tea.

Here’s a Tea Teaser for now: What tea is used in the famous Long Island Iced Tea drink of America?