What tea is used in the famous Long Island Iced Tea drink of America?

I left you last time with this Tea Poser well, sadly, just because it may have ‘tea’ in the title doesn’t mean to say it is one.  Technically, as I see it, a Tea is a beverage infused from tea leaves of the Camillia Sinensis plant.   In the case above, Long Island Iced Tea has NO tea in it at all so be aware of, if I may use the term, Fake Brews!

Research can be a toil and bringing this enlightening tea-bit to you I can say was no exception.  For a Long Island Iced Tea tasting I had to endure its true intent of: vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as iced tea!

It’s a little like Camomile Tea, again, not a Tea but a Herbal Infusion.  However, ‘we’ now refer to infusions generally as teas.  But why is this worth discussing? - well, Tea, from Camellia Sinensis, will always contain Caffeine, whilst Herbal Infusions generally will be Caffeine free - as is Camomile Tea 100% naturally Caffeine free.

So, what ever your Tea or Herbal Infusion then enjoy - just be careful ….
… trust me, please be very careful of drinks like Long Island Iced Tea!

Until next time when Caffeine is the ‘Hit Topic’
- see what I did there!