Origin: India

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Limey Chai Mee

Limey Chai Mee

A Brazilian influence has guided the colour spectrum of the ingredients; exotic but sound. Green mint, blue cornflower blossoms, yellow marigold blossoms and lemon peel, cold-pressed lime oil from sun-ripened fruits and a sprinkle of pepper complete ...
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Liquorice Royale Origin: India

Liquorice Royale

Anise, fennel & liquorice .... this will take you back a few years or introduce you to something that we older folk have been enjoying for too many years! It could be good for singers and non-singers and has been linked to easing the tensions of ...
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MonTeas Christmas Tea Blend Origin: India

MonTeas Christmas Tea Blend

Christmas in a cup - a soft Chai tingling with the essence of christmas aromas and flavours. .....
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Masala Chai Origin: India

MonTeas Masala Chai

Take a sip and South Indian spices dance across your palate enhanced by this full bodied tea. Cardamom and ginger play a lively part in our Masala Chai which is superb with milk and sugar. .....
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Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1 Black Loose Leaf Tea

Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1

Certified ORGANIC since 2003 and "FAIR TRADE" since 2008, the Thiashola garden stands at an altitude of 2000 metres, at the heart of the Nilgiri [Blue Mountains) of Southern India. Robust, but elegant. Delicious as it is but can be taken with a dash ...
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Russian Caravan OP

Russian Caravan OP

Russian Caravan is a tea steeped in history. Following the Silk road traditions, this tea is a combination of Assam, a Lapsang Souchong and a light, bright Ceylon tea making it worthy to be carried by any camel! .....
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Sikkim (Temi Estate) #1 TGFOP1 1st Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea

Sikkim (Temi Estate) #1 TGFOP1 1st Flush

The Temi Tea Estate is the most famous growing region of Sikkim. Founded in 1969 and is located in the south of the country. An absolute top quality from this popular plantation. The fine-shaped, slightly matt greenish leaf with a fresh and flowery t...
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Origin:, India