Privacy Policy

MonTeas Privacy Policy & Commitment

Privacy is important to MonTeas and Customers alike. This Privacy Policy explains the online information practices and choices available concerning how information is collected and used.

The Information MonTeas Collects

To order and receive deliveries of MonTeas products, personal information is gathered for this purpose only and includes Name; Address; Email Address and Phone Number etc. A buyers contact details are used to acknowledge orders and advise delivery and/or respond to queries.

Registering on MonTeas Website will enable the user to receive news and updates relating to Monteas and the products and services available within the Website at the shop premises. Only registration on the MonTeas Website will permit this update service and any personal details provided will not be shared with other organisations. An opt-out facility is available with online registration for not receiving ongoing updates.

Procedures are undertaken to assure accuracy of amy information held. Information provided is held securely and all reasonable procedures undertaken to maintain its safety and non-disclosure to unauthorised external organisations or individuals.

Any information held by MonTeas and found to be inaccurate should be notified to MonTeas immediately for verification and correction.

MonTeas can be contacted as follows:

By email

or to David J. Tovey trading as MonTeas, 111 Monnow Street, Monmouth, Monmouthshire NP25 3EG.