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Teas of Chinese origin. We stock a range of teas sourced from China including black teas, green teas, Oolong teas, white teas and Pu Erh (formed teas).

Model: BT-BLKGU-01
Pleasantly aromatic, mild and full-bodied taste with a very slight smoky note and a bit of a punch! A medium-dark infusion that is flowery aromatic and well rounded...
From £1.95
Black Moroccan Mint
Model: BX-BMMINT-01
Moroccan, black and peppermint minty … that’s it, enjoy!..
From £1.95
Model: GX-PPMAN-01
Yellow rose buds, pineapple flakes and mango cubes enhance the fine yet significant freshness of this aromatic tea. Juicy pear overtones and sweet, creamy exotic notes wrap around the typical bite of classic green tea...
From £2.00
CHUNMEE Imperial
Model: GT-CHUMM-01
Smooth, refreshing, cleansing - characteristics of this superior, fine leaf tea. Sweet and mild yet typically grassy and Taipan in style. Ingredients: Premium GREEN Leaf Tea...
From £1.95
CINNAMON Orange Nero
Model: BX-CINOR-01
A China-Ceylon blend aromatic and slightly smokey with Indian spices rounded off with natural orange flavouring and creamy vanilla for an enchanting beverage. A Premium BLACK Leaf Tea.MAY CONTAIN NUTS..
From £1.95
Model: DT-SENCH-01
A very refreshing green tea with a Sencha leaf style. Decaffeinated using the Co2 process which removes all chemical solvents, leaving great tasting green tea without the caffeine...
From £2.30
Earl Grey Blue Lady Bespoke Blend
Model: BX-EGBSP-01
A Special Bespoke Blend of Black Leaf Teas, bergamot, blue cornflower blossoms and mallow blossoms - Earl Grey just got even better...
From £1.95
Model: GX-ERLGW-01
Exquisite Sencha flavoured with high-quality bergamot flavour and richly sprinkled with lemon peel and orange blossoms. Earl Grey friends can now finally discover green tea - and vice versa...
From £1.95
Model: GX-Flower-01
Flowering Tea Blooms hand made with Green and White tea leaves in China - set of 6 blooms. Note: substitutions may be made subject to stock available...
From £9.00
Model: GT-GATXG-01
A Gin and Tonic flavour having NO alcohol - really and amazing too! Can be great cold but just as good hot.  GREEN Loose Leaf Tea, White Tea,  coriander, juniper, lemon pieces, cucumber, liquorice root, cardamon, rosemary leaves.  ..
From £2.20
Model: GX-GINSE-01
Green tea from China and Ceylon - a new, but a convincing creation. The dominant spiciness and the defying subtleness which the light Bancha contributes, almost make this blend an everyday tea. Pure, straight, distinct - the taste of this ginger tea...
From £1.95
Model: OX-GINPR-01
This premium ginseng Oolong comes Hainan province and is based on high quality green Oolong blended with very small amounts of powdered ginseng and liquorice root. Only the youngest sprouts are "dusted" with a fine coating, after withering and rolling then dried. The cup is golden-green and the tast..
From £2.95
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