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Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

MonTeas feature a range of over 20 fine Sri Lankan grown loose leaf teas. Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) has a long and vibrant history of growing tea. With it's mountainous terrain and perfect climate some of the world's finest teas are grown there.

Decaffeinated Earl Grey Blue OP
Model: DT-ERLGB-01
Decaffeinated by flushing with natural Co2, and using only natural flavours and oils. An excellent, first class quality Earl Grey experience...
From £5.35
Earl Grey: Blue OP (Orange Pekoe)
Model: BX-ERLGB-01
Using only natural flavours and oils there's no aftertaste or overpowering perfume leaving the high quality, natural taste of the Indian tea. An excellent, first class quality Earl Grey experience. Traditionally Earl Grey was a blend of Chinese and Indian teas scented with oil from the citrus berga..
From £3.65
Earl Grey: RED Imperial OP (Orange Pekoe)
Model: BX-ERLGR-01
Red Imperial (Russian) Earl Grey is based on the historic traditions of adding sweet blends of spices and citrus fruits to black tea. This version of Earl Grey echoes such tradition by adding naturally dried Thai Lemongrass and sun ripened, dried orange peel from Spain to create a wonderful smooth, ..
From £3.95
MonTeas Afternoon Special Blend (FBOP/OP)
Model: BX-AFTER-01
An exquisite combination of choice Indian and Sri Lankan leaves. Gentle, yet robust flavour fortifying a late afternoon food foray that may well be a precursor to a flute of champagne! A blend of Premium BLACK Leaf Tea with Cornflower & Safflower Petals...
From £3.55
MonTeas Breakfast Tea - Original English Blend - FP - India, Sri-Lanka, Kenya
Model: BX-BKFEN-01
MonTeas British breakfast tea (original blend), at its best. Today the habit of tea drinking is inexorably linked to England despite the fact that the British were fairly late on the tea scene, in historical terms. Ironically the first mention of tea in English literature is a translation of a Dutc..
From £3.35
Orange Pekoe - High Grown OP
Model: BT-OPHIG-01
A truly delightful, medium bodied, flavoursome tea from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka (Nuwara, Eliya) and grown: 6500 - 9000 ft above sea level.This tea originates from a western tea estate, one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka. During its peak season (Feb/Mar) this estate's productio..
From £3.85
Red Caravan OP Tea
Model: BX-caravan-01
Red Caravan is a tea steeped in history. Following the Silk road traditions, this tea is a combination of Assam, a Lapsang Souchong and a light, bright Ceylon tea making it worthy to be carried by any camel! During the Czar's time tea was the most important drink after vodka. In fact, even today th..
From £3.55
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