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Taiwan (or the Republic of China as it is more correctly known) is famed for it's tea production. In particular some of the finest Oolong teas are grown on the island. We have a selection of carefully selected loose leaf teas to choose from.

Model: OT-DRKPL-01
Dark Pearl Oolong is cultivated in the Tai Tung Region in eastern Taiwan. Fermented slightly longer following excellent climatic conditions, of over-rich rainfalls and plenty of sunshine, careful hand plucking to produce this masterpiece. Highly aromatic with tropical fruit scents and flavour notes ..
From £4.50
Model: OT-DONGD-01
Dong Ding Jade Oolong Tea, simple finest quality whole leaf. Refreshingly smooth, the light oxidation produces a pale cup enhanced by the delicate aroma and immensely pleasing taste. Several repeat infusions of the same leaves makes for an exceptional value, superior tea...
From £4.50
Model: OX-FLWOA-01
This exclusive, flavoured Oolong will strike you as a soft, spicy cup of well known Chinese Tea but also with an intense, flowery and soft note of the Lotus  This scented creation is pleasantly rounded off with the fresh flavours of ripe passion fruits and apples whilst being sweetly decorated with ..
From £2.05
Model: GT-LONGJ-01
Whilst Taiwan (Formosa) is renowned for producing the finest oolong teas, it also produces some amazing green teas. This hand picked harvest is very high quality.  Pan fried, rolled and dried the tea is not left to oxidise and hence has a natural smooth grassy taste...
From £4.25
Model: OT-POUCH-01
Chong Pou is more mellow than Oolong but stronger than Green tea. The leaves are a deep green curl producing a light golden-green liquor, mild aroma with a delicate flavour...
From £4.75
Model: OX-ORGJA-01
Orange & Jasmine Blossom Oolong is a wonderful combination of a high grown Oolong from the Tungting region in Taiwan. An exquisite Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka with Jasmine petals and naturally dried orange peel. Together they create a truly magical taste experience that can be explored through multipl..
From £2.10
Model: OT-TKYIG-01
There are several grades of Ti Kuan Yin - also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy.  This tea has all the majesty and strength of a Goddess with a firm taste but sweet and fragrant finish...
From £1.95
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